procreate IPA [iPad Download]

procreate IPA [iPad Download]

As a first for a mobile painting app, Procreate is engineered to allow creation ofcompletely new brushes in a few easy steps. Make every brush your own with 16 fully-customisable characteristics, many of which are unique to Procreate. Import anything from your Photoslibrary to create endless effects!

Procreate uses the advanced OpenGL Silica™ painting engine which has been engineered exclusively for iPad, to use every drop of juice from the GPU (graphical processing unit). The result is unparalleled performance on a mobile device, from incredibly responsive brush strokes and 64-bit smudge sampling, to full brush customisation.
Made for professional illustrators and aspiring artists alike, Procreate is the most advanced sketchbook in the world.
★ Desktop grade brushes and tools:
✓ Desktop grade paint engine, with amazing & precise brush strokes
✓ 16 customisable brush settings for every brush
✓ HD canvas size: 1920 x 1408px (iPad 2 only)
✓ Smudge tool with advanced 64-bit colour calculations
✓ Eraser tools
✓ Duplicate, modify and organise brushes
★ Evolved brush customisation:
✓ Import ANY image as a brush grain or shape, allowing unlimited brush possibilities!
✓ Evolved brush modification with realtime preview of adjustments
✓ Smart tools remember settings as you switch between them
✓ Adjust Grain: movement, scale, zoom and rotation
✓ Adjust Shape: scatter, rotation and randomise
✓ Adjust Dynamics: opacity & size velocity and paint loading & wetness
✓ Adjust Plot: spacing and scatter
★ Advanced layering system:
✓ Up to 16 Layers allowing ease of editing and control
✓ Create, delete and re-order layers
✓ Duplicate Layers
✓ Lock alpha pixels for easy masking
✓ Merge layers up, or down
✓ Layer blend modes: normal, multiply, add, screen, lighten & exclusion
✓ Clear layer
✓ Adjust layer opacity with live thumbnail preview
✓ Flood fill the canvas with any colour
★ Full HSB Colours:
✓ Extra large colour chooser
✓ HSB sliders allow for precision colour picking
✓ Save your favourite colour swatches
.. .

What’s New in Version 1.5

HD Canvas
• 1920x1408px (iPad 2)
Rebuilt OpenGL Canvas view
• Zoom down to 50%
• Pull canvas edges into centre of screen
• Fit to screen quick gesture
• Actual pixels size quick gesture
PSD export
• Layered
• All blend and opacity modes intact
• Multithreaded export


Click Here To Download procreate IPA [iPad Download] From Fileape

Click Here To Download procreate IPA [iPad Download] From Filedude

Click Here To Download procreate IPA [iPad Download] From Mediafire


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